The Forrest

Scents of cherry and salt glided through the air as he gently walked along the river bank, spotting silver-scaled fish swimming just below the surface. The shivering water coated his feet as the sunlight seemed to warm him from inside. His soul, a pond much more still than this rushing river, welcomed the flowing flora into his thoughts. Abandoned were his delusions of life outside the forest, yet life still dies regardless of his ignorance.

A few yards beyond the border of his forest, flames and destruction struck those he left behind. Ash swarming the sky and polluting the rivers relaxed in replacement of winged creatures and calmed fish. Safe, he felt, safe, he was content; unaware of the flames’ malignant spread. The tall, dry grass gazing out from the forest burned in the heat of the sunlight, catching fire and surrounding peace.

It approaches.

The flame travels as rapid as his precious sunlight, with the intelligence of his prized nature, without the care of the life in his forest. Infecting his land, bank by bank, fallen tree by fallen tree, he began to fear what he left behind. The danger of his past approaches hurriedly and the safety of the forest now appears a trap, a cage, a bait.

Heaven becomes hell, promise becomes sheol, his perfect essence infected by sin, he runs. He runs. He runs away from the dark ignition of his mistakes to the center of the purity he still holds. To the center of his spirit, he runs… but to no avail. The fires he escapes follow and trap from every direction. They swallow his fish, smoke his cherries and engulf his Forrest.

Nothing left to survive.

Overtaken by destruction, he can only hope a new life will rise from the ashes, for the flames retake what he tried to escape.

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