1:49 AM – 23 Hours

Tue, 06/05/’92

The situation has turned from curious and perplexing to an distiller of utter dread and terror.

I’ve been on this flight for twenty-three hours and thirty-two minutes and all forms of clocks are showing 1:49; this is phenomenon one. Phenomenon two is that even though my analogue watch continues to function, it won’t move to the second hour or the fifty minute mark. The third phenomenon is that as far as I know, I’m the only passenger who is aware of everything – the rest just seem to continue with the flight as if nothing is happening, well, except one.

I’ll pick up where I left off. I was seated by two of the flight attendants after approaching the cockpit and refusing to return to my seat. However, what I didn’t mention in my 13 hour update is that a note appeared in my pocket at some point between when I left my seat and when I was seated. It reads as follows:

Are you keeping track of the time? If you are, meet me in the storage area at the back of the plane at the 24 hour mark, if you’re not keeping track: go there now. It’s the warmest part of the plane so the demons tend to avoid it and lose most of their sentience there.

Oh, also – It’s definitely not 01:49.

– Rose.

This Rose, either she’s another passenger with sentience enough to understand what’s going on… or she’s one of them. There’s no possible way of knowing now but I fear that if I continue to do nothing this flight will be the end of my life – there’s no more risk of harm so I might as well do as she says.

If she is another passenger, I can only suppose that the “demons” she refers to are the flight attendants – they are certainly demonic. I have eighteen minutes until the 24 hour mark so I’ll use them to write this update and to write a synopsis of the situation in case I die at the back of the plane.

After noticing the note in my pocket, I looked around the cabin for anyone looking at me or giving a signal; no one had any effect. I got up again to have a scout or see if I could move to first class to get a better view of the cabin, this was my first major success.

From the beginning of my trip to first class – which is freezing by the way – I noticed that as long as I keep my head down and don’t look directly as the flight attendants, they won’t bother you. I reached first class and immediately noticed two empty seats next to each other; one was in perfect view of the cockpit. After waiting about thirty seconds to make sure I was safe, I was about to attempt to peek behind the curtain to the cockpit, but no luck. Two flight attendants – the woman I’ve met and the man who dragged me back to my seat – walked from business class and into the cockpit. They spent about five minutes there before exiting and simply standing outside the cockpit. This is when terror struck.

A second quake hit the plane and knocked me out of my chair. The two flight attendants looked at each other for a moment before helping my back into my chair. I kept my head down and put some headphones on. They left without a second glance and I was safe – but I hadn’t noticed the impact of the quake. Ice began to form around the doorway to the cockpit and the temperature decreased further. As if it was the arctic, I shivered like madness in the bitter cold but no one else reacted. I looked out the window and to my horror a terrifying, monumental mass of dark cloud formed with the quake and we were flying straight for it.

When the flight attendants noticed my shivers, they turned and stared towards me. Their grins were more powerful than ever and yet they looked confused. My presence seemed to contradict their plans but they didn’t seem to understand if I was a threat or if I was, how I was there. I decided look out the window and at the black screen in front of me but it was no use. Momentarily, they made their way over to me; the woman sat down in the seat across and the man stood next to me.

“Why are you here? Sir?” They asked – I had forgotten about their demonic tones.

“I… I booked a flight from New London to Ruinas Aeropuerto National. This is the one, right?” A glance towards each other told me they were only more perplexed. “Tell me, do you have an ETA?”

“We’ll be landing in about an hour, sir,” the man stated calmly, though dripping rancid tears of blood eerily near to my hand, positioned on the arm rest, “but you need to return to your proper seat.” Once again, he apprehended me and dragged me to me seat – this time along the floor.

Upon arriving at my seat, he shoved me into it and placed his palm on my forehead. Aggressively, he pushed my skull against the head of my chair knocking me out for several hours. It felt like a dreamless sleep, yet when I woke, all I could think of was my wife, crying in the jungle clearing. When I came to my senses, I looked at the stopwatch and noticed the time: twenty-three hours and twenty-nine minutes, at which point I began to write.

It’s now twenty-three hours and fifty-four since the plane took off so I’m going to write my synopsis and go. If I survive, I’ll update you with news from this Rose.

– Marc.


The plane took of at 20:32, the 0 hour mark, and everything seems normal. At the 5 hour mark, I talked to the flight attendant – she was fine – and went to sleep at 01:49. Upon waking, it was still 01:49 but time had definitely progressed. The flight attendant now looked demonic but none of the other passengers seemed affected by these phenomena. A quake hit the plane which cut the power to the lights and I went back to sleep at the nine hour mark.

I woke up at the thirteen hour mark and decided to explore. The plane gets colder as you near the cockpit and all clocks on the plane show the time as “01:49.” When I went to the cockpit, I was apprehended by two flight attendants and seated. Upon waking, I found a note from a ‘Rose’ who wanted to meet at the 24 hour mark. I went back to the cockpit which was still freezing and stayed in first class. Another quake hit the plane which froze the cockpit and created a dark cloud in front of the plane. I was apprehended again and knocked out in my seat for about ten or so hours. I wrote the 23 hour mark update and I’m now going to see Rose at the back of the plane.

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