1:49 AM – 9 Hours

Tue, 06/05/’92

This isn’t right.

I’m on a flight from New London to the Ruins; I’m leaving this message in case this happens to anyone else.

The flight was calculated to take approximately four hours from New London to the East Atlantic and a further two hours to the Ruins. The plane took off at 20:32 and should land at 02:50. It’s been 9 hours and it’s 01:49. AM.

The first five hours of the flight were decent – to say the least – clear skies, beautiful blue ocean. Upon first arriving on the plane I noticed that I had the row to myself. It’s a classic jumbo jet so there are three columns of seats: three on one side, four in the center and three on the other; I’m seated just in front of the wing. I took the opportunity to open my briefcase and lay out the contents on the two seats around me. I read up on the papers following the studies of the beings recently discovered in the ruins, interesting stuff. The beings have been described by eyewitnesses, theological experts and biochemists on site as “having the abnormal ability to play tricks on the mind and adjust the chemistry in the brain to make the self more susceptible to fear.”

After having read the papers I found myself to be rather tired. I packed away the papers and stowed my briefcase below the seat next to the window. I called for a flight attendant to ask for some headphones and when she arrived I was quite impressed with her customer service. She was polite and had a nice, little smile comforting those around her. She seemed happy but left a sense of sadness around her – like she’d been wronged, and recently.

I thought nothing more of the matter and decided to go to sleep listening to gentle music, Metallica and the sort, AC/DC, etc.. The time was 1:49AM and my eyes drifted into darkness. I remember dreaming of my home, my beautiful wife, my boys, my sister always at our house. My mind wandered to the coast and I recall my family shouting to me to “come back!” I walked away and the second my feet touched the water I was somehow transported to the other side of the 5000 km wide ocean. I reached the jungle in western Europe and trekked through the wilderness. I’m tormented by the end of the dream and I hope to never revisit it: my wife simply crying on a rock in a clearing of the jungle, little birds and squirrels surrounding her like the angel she is. I approached her in an attempt to aid her dilemma but she turned towards me before I reached her; her voice echoed the words,

“You shouldn’t have left us.”

The cry sent a shudder down my spine and I woke up instantly. Without a way to talk to my family on this internet-less flight I sat back petrified at my actions. I looked at the time, 1:49 AM. But, no… That’s the time I fell asleep. I pondered if it was simply an error on my phone so naturally, I checked my analogue watch – the same result – 1:49 AM. I begin to worry. I call for assistance from a flight attendant and I notice it’s the same woman from before coming down the aisle. But as she grew closer, something seemed off about her. Her hair, cut awkwardly; her eyes, red with dark rings around them; her gentle smile, replaced with a grin from ear to ear. I asked if she was alright,

“Yes, fine, thank you.”

I asked if she had the time or an ETA for when we’d land. Her face morphed to a confused and perplexed emotion before returning to her creepy grin and leaning down to say,

“Don’t worry sir, we’ll be landing in about an hour.”

Only thinking that the sleep had jumbled my mind for a bit, I thought what she’d made sense. One more hour would make it 2:49 AM which was near enough the original ETA. I watched a few episodes of television, not wanting to throw my head back into those boring papers, and I waited for about an hour. However, looking out my window I noticed something absurd – an ocean, spanning as far as the eye can see with no land in sight. I checked the time again, 1:49 AM. I called the flight attendant and she had the same expression on her face, except this time, a small tear fell from her eye. The same conversation as before repeated itself, ending only with,

“Don’t worry sir, we’ll be landing in about an hour.”

I repeated the same process three times, watching in total four hours of useless TV shows. I began watching at the five hour mark so it’s now been nine hours, three hours beyond the ETA and we’re still flying over endless ocean.

My worry now grows stronger, the last conversation must have been about five minutes ago and it’s still 1:49 AM. My tiredness overwhelms me though so I’ll sleep. I’ll write an update when I wake up – I pray to God I wake up.

– Marc.

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