Escape – Chapter 2, Isolation.

I ran as far as I could.

No. I wouldn’t let him take me.

The screaming of the children drowned my thoughts. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t… 

I couldn’t…

But then I reached the woods, the woods submerged in darkness, night’s light: absent. Yes, finally I reached them, the old, grey, forgotten woods. I found… closure, by myself. I lived alone but I still heard the screaming, the wailing in the back of my mind, endlessly. I didn’t like the loneliness, not after that force joined me to my brothers and sisters. I searched for them, my friends, but I was tormented by the prospect of finding them… finding them… gone.


I was gone. I was, I know I was.

I awoke to find petrichor, that’s right, and then I remembered what had happened. The shattered glass tainted a deep maroon lay in shards around me. I sat there, crying hopelessly, I looked around myself at all the bodies. Were they alive? Would they escape as I did, if I would? I wish I would have had more time to contemplate what to do. But then he… but then he… he came, the warden came. I tried to get up but my shoulder was dripping raw scarlet down my arm, I was horrified. I’d fallen in the ruins of my own creation, I’d formed my own demise and I really don’t know how I survived – I blamed myself.

So then, after running away from the traumatising thumping of the warden’s steps, I became truly alone, in a bubble of sadness. I craved a connection, a connection. A connection I was compelled to feel… I needed it. The force stayed with me, a call to escape, to escape what I had already escaped.

What more was there to escape? 

What more was there to escape? I didn’t know what I was going to do, so I stuck to what I knew.

I still had the cuffs the warden used to lock us to our beds, I ignored the force and slept in a small empty cave. The rocks and pebbles outside glimmered with the shine of the water, nature in its natural state. I found a nice area in the cave and the sound of screaming was drowned by the sound of the stream. The water made me shiver, but I was used to it. I used rocks to cut into the stone and nearly broke my bruised stone so I could make a hole to lock the handcuffs. I submerged myself in the underground pool and fell asleep tied to the wall just like I was before. Forgetting all that had happened, I felt as though I felt something sweet, something… something… hopeful, life.

A glow glistened from the entrance of the cave… light, sunlight. It’s a fickle thing, you never really appreciate it until you live in darkness for half your life. I heard the tweets, the chirps of the little birds around me. I stood up and to my horror I saw him… No… I wouldn’t let him take me… I wouldn’t let him. I heard his thumping coming near me and I lost control of myself. The thumping sped up; he ran towards me and I screamed… I know I screamed because I remember scaring the birds. A deep roar elevated from the pit of my stomach like a war cry – a reflex in the face of incoming danger. The birds fluttered from the trees; tweet tweet, then no tweets. Chirp chirp, gone. But then, he was gone. It was just… me.

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