The Cave

As they walked along the cracked ledge scattered with magmatic evil, he turned around with a glance towards his face before he looked away again with utter disgust of his character. He stopped walking and began talking but he couldn’t bring himself to gaze at that which he hates.

“My angel, my love, my light.

She was always my hope, she was so compassionate, so beautiful, so cheerful.

But they took her, you see? She’s gone, and it’s your fault, and I don’t know how long I can last anymore. Look at me, do you see that your antics are exactly what got us into this hellish chaos. You’re a serpentine beast whose only goal was to betray his only friends.”

As he mustered the strength to look at him, his heart raced. His breathing quickened and his blood went cold. The almost unbearable heat suffocating their souls couldn’t warm him from the ice-cold shiver he couldn’t help but feel when he looked at him. The other turned around and circled back, readying a fist and trying to hide his quickening hyperventilation. Their anger was clear and yet neither spoke, his pain and his anger prevented it, until he marshalled himself to reply.

“Such an epithet would imply it was I who betrayed you.” His smug look provoked the other so much that he soon regretted the outcome. With a dramatic punch to the face followed by a strong knee to the stomach, breaking his nose and triggering a deafening bawl, the other released all his anger at once.

“How dare you try to justify your actions or avoid them by means of blame on me! Shame should befall you, not spite. Shame, you dare to feel any other emotion than that and I promise you won’t wake up tomorrow.” He walked on while the other crumbled down to the floor; his wounds were hastily cauterised by the heat of the ground. While the other walked away, he laughed at the idea of going back to see him, but he didn’t see that the damage he caused was so much more than he could have imagined.

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